Sentosa Spooktacular
Spooktacular was a Halloween event held in Sentosa island. Creating an immersive, digital driven campaign that could connect with our young audience – and we did it through creating single and multi-player gaming portals that were integrated with social media. People could play our game, climb the leader board, challenge friends and win tickets/discounts to the main event. 
Effies Bronze (Sentosa Spooktacular Website)
On a much smaller budget than our competitors, we needed to reposition Sentosa Spooktacular as the scariest and most fun ‘Asian’ Halloween event. To do so, we needed to dream up a new way to engage and activate our young target audience via digital channels. Whilst gaming may have served us well in the past, it was time to push the envelope and create something no one had seen before.
The result exceed our target. Within two weeks we attracted more than 30,000 visitors with over 150,000 page views. In total, we attracted more than 45,000 visitors with over 200,000 page views. The newly set-up Facebook Fan page also attained 3200 fans and more importantly, ticket sales exceeded our target goal.
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